About the overhaul of a machine
...A machines gets old. Over many years of operation even the most excellent of machines will not remain problem-free. When machines are broken, they are either scrapped, or overhauled.Gleason's machines are extremely complicated and need special high-level techniques for their overhaul. Particularly, in the 116 model,internal diameter of cradle are worn down. Boring processed internal diameter is lap finished within 0.01mm from the center of the work spindle, and the cradle roller is remanufactured. Other parts of the machine are also cleaned and damaged parts inspected. After that we change out parts of the machine according to customers' requests.
For the Hypoid machine,the restorative work of taking out the core of the cradle and the cutter spindle needs 0.0007-0.0008 of numerical accuracy, and improvement in the precision of its internal diameter and face. Otherwise, this machine is not able to make gear products precisely.
We developed this techniques 36 years ago. In 1988, we designed and developed a hydraulic operated CNC version of the model 116. This CNC version of the 116 model is our
original machine and does not use any gear or cam roller from the old machine.Also we improve and retrofit the models 606-607to the CNC version as well as many other machines.An Auto Stock Divider is installed in the cutter as a position setter.The company always puts effort into the improvement of machines. This is our role and policy as a special engineer. We always listen to our customer's requests and remanufacturing good machines.

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