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Remanufacturing of Machines.
For 140 years, the Gleason Group has been supplying new products in each period, adapting to all kinds of gears manufactured by our customer. Over ten thousand of the bevel gear machines manufactured over these years are currently in operation all over the world, any of which Kanie is ready to overhaul so that it may again contribute to our customer's gear production.

The continuous effort of R&D.
The Gleason Group Companies are continuously giving effort to supoort our customer in ther pursuit of reducing production cost and increasing ther competitive edge.This is shown in Gleason's constant endeavor at researching state-of-the-art gear production technology, and at developing new products that utilizes this technology.

Mr Devid Barnes, Gleason Works,President(Left)
MIchiharu Chikano, GleasonAsia ,President(Right)

The process of technology tie-up.
In 1967,Kanie has started overhauling Gleason's much-prided machines.This was considered a difficulty because of the complicated mechanisms of Gleason's machines,and indeed a lot of obstacles were mete in recovering the machines' accuracy. But by 1981,the accumulated experiences and achievements were very much valued, and the long-desired technology tie-up with Gleason Corporation was agreed upon thereby making Kanie.The first and only designated Overhaul Company in Japan.

Shoichi Kanie, Kanie&Co.Ltd., Chairperson (Left)
James Gleason , Gleason Works,President(Center)
Kenichi Kanie,Kanie&Co.Ltd.,President(Right)

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